Thursday, February 13, 2014

Phonophotos of the last 2 weeks

We took a field trip to Discovery Place in Charlotte, which was AMAZING. I didn't take pictures in the Rainforest, but we spent a long time in there while George worked on scientific observation note taking. Most of the photos above are from that trip.

Unfortunately George picked up some icky virus and spent the next full week quite ill, which is why we've been so scarce here. However he has recovered fully and jumped into an Olympics unit in which I've hidden so much math it's hysterical. He's done maps, timelines, medals ratios, etc.

Notebooking is going very well, and going unit by unit rather than separating work into the more traditional subjects seems to work better for him, as it more closely mirrors organic learning.

In music he's working on another original ukulele composition with Eric. In the photo on this page he's writing down lyric concepts to sort later.

And of course the top picture is our super exciting snowstorm Pax, currently wreaking havoc. It snowed most of yesterday, and it's still snowing currently. Inspired by watching the Olympics, George hs been attempting to snowboard down the hill in our front yard, and I am exceptionally proud of him, as he does not seem to be frustrated at all when he falls. This is huge for him, and so I am thinking of taking him tubing when the roads clear a bit, possibly next weekend even.

George has been partnered with a pen pal, which is super exciting, a young boy who lives in Indiana. George will send his first letter this week, and I am hoping that will be an enjoyable writing outlet for him.

Stay warm! Stay Safe!
-Lucy & George

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