Thursday, January 30, 2014

As the Snow Turns

George enjoyed his very first homeschool snow day! As rarely as we get any snow accumulation whatsoever, I could not see holding him captive indoors when his heart yearned to be outside doing his absolute best to catch pneumonia*.

And so we put the lessons (other than daily journaling) aside, and George romped and cavorted while I cooked and watched him from the kitchen window. Every few hours he'd come inside and request hot chocolate (marshmallows in a dish on the side to prevent touching), then ask for his (actually my -- he stole them) gloves to be put through the dryer.  Late yesterday afternoon he finally quit, and when I mentioned that I thought the snow would melt tomorrow (aka today), he nonchalantly said, "It's OK. I'm over it."

As always, George enjoyed two hours of art class (shown in reflection, above) and a half hour uke lesson this week. We've shifted our history focus to the Age of Exploration, and George is enjoying examining erroneous maps of long ago. It's amazing how much horrible math one can sneak into map studies; I highly recommend them.

* Yes, I know this is a fallacy. Humor me.

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