Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Everything Purple is Mine

We've embraced notebooking hard, and accordingly I have very little in the way of phonophotos to show you. I do have two, though!

George got new shoes! Purple lowtop Chucks Taylors! He's ecstatic with them, and if he takes care of them, he can hand-me-down them to me when he outgrows them!

This is George's work in progress during a biography unit we did on Jackson Pollack! By the time he finished the canvas was fairly well covered, and of course the primary color was purple. As part of this unit, George watched a video of Pollack at work and really loved his artistic philosophy that there are no mistakes in art. Pollack also believed in letting his work show his emotion, and while George was sort of dancing around his canvas, I asked what emotion he was putting into the work. He crowed, "I'm joyful!" My heart sang.

Currently George is reading Hoot by Carl Hiassen. He is unaware that it was made into a movie a few years ago; I look forward to surprising him with it when we're done. We've also been reviewing parts of speech using Mad Libs. Below is one of George's favorite results which came from using this free, online Mad Libs website.
Studying the Constitution is a joyful activity for a future president. In 1787, a convention of important American clowns ratified our Constitution. The Constitution was a cute document that guaranteed that the US would not merely be a league of independent bellies, but a nation with a smelly government that would deal with party hats as well as stuffed animals. The Constitution provided for a senate, to which every state would send two clay pots, and a larger body called the House of bobbleheads, which was based on population. The government was divided into three branches: the judicial, the legislative, and the lovely. This created a system of checks and piggy banks that works to protect us to this day and gives us our scary government of the people, for the people, and by the flowers.

George also enjoyed the first exchange of letters with his new penpal, who lives in Indiana. His mother and I decided "snail mail" was more exciting than email, and George definitely loved getting that first letter and wrote back immediately.

In science George is studying evolution and how mutations can lead species to thrive or become extinct. I'm looking forward to taking some good, outdoor science field trips this spring -- biology has been a huge hit this year!

In horrible math, we're working with fractions. So long as we pretend they are "pizza pies" George likes them well enough.

Have a great week,
Lucy & George!

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