Friday, December 13, 2013

The Week in Occasional Phonophotos

FIELD TRIP #1: Stevens Center
George's friend Grady is in the Nutcracker at the Stevens Center! (He plays the youngest party child.) We went to visit Grady for the dress rehearsal, and both boys thought this salute-worthy.
This is George in the Stevens Center just before watching the dress rehearsal for the Nutcracker. He was fascinated to see the costumes up close, and he now is maybe entertaining the idea of being a costume designer, especially for historic costumes.
Field Trip #2: SciWorks

George ignored the printed directions entirely in favor of making this sculpture. Gaze upon it!

Here George works with multiple joysticks to guide a robot arm to do his bidding.

Concentrating hard on the task at hand (achieving robot domination).

Recently George has felt the need to salute frequently in photos. Here he does so in the planetarium.

George wastes money. (I'm sorry, I know these are designed to teach something, but really, all I can think when I see one is, "Oh, good, another chance for George to rid my wallet of coins!")

This was actually a cool art moment, freestyle, not tied to any unit. You watercolor to the point of dripping saturation, then sprinkle sea salt (CANNOT be iodized) on the painting. It goes all marbley.
Ahh, the chicken hat. I cannot explain it. Can anyone really?
This week George raced through The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, which he will see performed next Friday evening at the Children's Theatre. That was a purposely easy book, as next week we will tackle A Christmas Carol, which we will travel to Asheville to see performed the following Sunday. We're very theatre heavy this month, but George is very much enjoying all the live performances, so we'll keep working them in as we can.

George is working like a beast on to cement the math concepts I teach, and I am beyond proud of him for it.

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