Saturday, December 21, 2013

To force a child to continue music or not?

EXCITING NEWS! George has decided to take up ukulele lessons again! He had burned himself out and asked for a break, so we took one. It lasted nearly six months. This week, he suddenly picked up the uke again and realized how much he loved it and missed it.

I know there are multiple positions on music lessons, but as someone who as a child was made to continue piano lessons and emphatically did not love playing as a result, I took the opposite tack. I'm just glad it worked. Obviously this strategy will not apply for all things homeschool; Horrible Math, for example, remains mandatory.

Also this week we read The Christmas Carol. George loves this story and has seen multiple movie versions and read a children's version a few years back, but this was the first time he read it in the original. Tomorrow he and I will sally forth to Asheville to see it performed.

(Tonight we're off to see The Best Christmas Pageant Ever here in town. Also on our radar for this next week: Saving Mr. Banks.)

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