Thursday, October 11, 2012

I did not pick these names or Days 33, 34, 35

Meet Blondie and Brownie, sisters and littermates who have joined our family. They do not replace Dot, but they do liven up our little blue schoolroom.

Good thing, too, because this week's theme would best be described as "math". We've worked in some fun stuff -- like Roman numerals and the history of money, but still, it's a v-e-r-y math-intensive week. And so it's not the most fun we've ever had. The mice help.

On a totally different note, George has decided on this year's Halloween costume and will be helping assemble it in the weeks to come. It may be my favorite one yet.


Amber said...

Yay! So excited to hear the rumblings of your Halloween costume adventures on this blog. It was one of the top three things I knew I'd miss from LiF, so I'm happy that its amazingness will be featured here. Here's to a year with no bloodshed!

Lucy Cash said...

Amber, oh my goodness, what were the other two?

I still post some nonsense on Google+ and it's public if you want to go peek.

A year without bloodshed? I'm not sure that's possible for me. My husband doesn't even like me to use knives anymore since I cut my finger horribly using one of those apple slicers.