Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Here's the thing... or Day 17

We talked about September 11th today.

It was a hard discussion but a very good one, and I was able to impress upon George that the key word was extremist -- not Muslim. We had a long talk about extremism of any sort, and then we talked about labels and differences and what tolerance means.

After I gave George this Kidspost article from last year, he immediately began another discussion about how he might feel if his birthday fell on a notorious date. This was huge; one of my longterm goals for him is to be able to draw ties between the world and himself. I'm acutely aware of how other George feels, how dissimilar. (Beyond that, I also think he spent a lot of time previously trying to just catch up physically, to write his words laboriously, and so he didn't often get to use his big, beautiful brain taking his thought process one step further.)

The other major thing we did today was begin the book box I alluded to yesterday. He is still maybe two index cards behind, but by tomorrow we'll be caught up. Thereafter he will write a card as soon as he finishes each book. Then in a few weeks we'll review all the books to see if we can come up with some common themes.

Thursday we've a field trip planned after CompRehab, so tomorrow will largely be spent preparing for that. Humanities, ahoy!

math: played the making change money game from Chapter 2
daily poem: "The Giant Water Bug" by Douglas Florian

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