Wednesday, September 12, 2012

All Dried Up or Day 18

The MacTavish School took a field trip today! Not the short one planned for tomorrow; that one is still on as planned. No, this outing was purely NOW-NOW-NOW, because when I came across it I realized it was truly the perfect precursor to tomorrow's.

And so we forwent any formal bookwork and tootled up the road to the Natural Science Center of Greensboro to see the Accidental Mummies of Guanajuato exhibit! Sadly photos were prohibited or I would wow you with the recreated cemetery from the beginning of the exhibit and charm you with the sugar skulls from the end. George enjoyed asking many questions of the docent (we arrived just at 11:00 and had the exhibit almost to ourselves) and regaled his father for a good long time this evening with observations about specific mummies.

Instead you'll have to make do with the below photo, which shows George sticking his finger into a giant nose to trigger a sneeze, part of the neighboring Healthquest area which was pretty cool itself (though obviously not as cool as the mummies). We spent a good forty minutes in this area exploring all the hands-on ways body functions were explained.

We did not leave the Science Center empty handed, of course. In addition to a large mummy card which each ticketholder for the Mummies exhibit receives (mine was of a mummy called La Bruja or the witch), we also picked up buttons of Jose Guadalupe Posada's drawings in the giftshop.

Just before we paid George excitedly asked for one more thing: astronaut ice cream since, "it's kind of like the mummies, Mommy! All dried up!"



wunelle said...

Loving the edu-log! Would that my education had been so engaged :-)

Lucy Cash said...

Bil, you're so sweet. :) I'm sure this is beyond boring to read.

wunelle said...

Not at all! My wife (who is a college prof) would probably go at this task with a similar approach to yours, but I'd be stupefied to watch that too. These are all just skills I don't possess.