Thursday, September 13, 2012

¡Calaveras! or Day 19

After George's physical therapy at CompRehab this morning, The MacTavish School again eschewed formal work and headed over to The Museum of Anthropology to view the Días de los Muertos exhibit. Bar none, this is our second favorite holiday (Christmas wins by a nose), and so we were in fine spirits even before we hit the door.

A visit with our friend, the museum director, later, we were in even finer spirits and in possession of several topical printouts and fun craft ideas. We toured the exhibit, making note of new facts and details, and hatched a plan to create our own ofrenda close to the date of the holiday.

In other news I shared the changes I am making to our daily schedule, effective Monday. George was interested and asked some pretty good questions. He needed only a smidgeon of reassurance, about yoga (yes, yes, yes, of course it's staying).

Have a good weekend! We have one more trip before next week -- to Raleigh. I'm not sure I'll count it as a school day, though, unless we build far more into the trip than is currently planned.

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