Wednesday, April 9, 2014


SECCA on the last day of George's older brother's Spring Break

We have jumped back into schoolwork.

In literature I am reading Treasure Island aloud, which George is enjoying immensely. So far we've read the first 7 chapters, and George is becoming quite adroit at deciphering the meaning of words by context. George excels at reading high level non-fiction, so now we are working on transferring his skill set to challenging fiction.

In math we're doing a lot on Math is still not George's favorite subject, but it's no longer the most hated thing in the world. Right now we're working on plotting, graphing, and interpreting data, which George almost likes.

In humanities' large project, George is building a Balinese shadow puppet theatre, designing and building the puppets, and writing his own production. I am helping him with mindless labor, but he has to plan and solve logistical considerations on his own. I am THRILLED to see the leaps and bounds he has made in turning a big idea into a fait accompli.

In grammar we are working on reflexive pronouns. (Yawn.)

In science George is enjoying making slides currently. We'll be continuing both science and math over the summer, and so I'm not rushing him past his current obsession with looking at things on a microscopic level. It feeds into what we'll study next.

(I may take George camping this weekend. We'll see.)

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