Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My review of Disney's new flick "Frozen" by George

The movie "Frozen" was one spectacular movie! I especially like the story line and the characters.

My favorite characters are Olaf, Sven and Hans. It sounds crazy that Hans is one of my favorite characters. The reason I like Hans (if you are wondering) is because of his motives and level of evilness! Hans in my opinion surpasses Doctor Robotnik (the main villain in the Sonic games) and Bowser (the main villain in the Mario games) in evil!

Now I will talk about the ending of Frozen. The ending was pretty nice. Though in my opinion Hans should have died! I mean a lot of Disney villains died. Take for example the evil queen in Snow White and Scar from Lion King. That or he could have been frozen for all eternity or something! 

Anyways enough about deaths or alternative endings. 

Lets compare a Frozen character to another character from a different flick. One example is comparing Hans to Chester V (Chester V is the main villain in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 if you're wondering).

I made a list of how many ways these 2 villains are similar:
  • They both pose as good characters to the other characters but then turn out to be evil 
  • They will accomplish their goals by any means necessary
  • Both main characters love them and believe whatever they say 
  • In both movies they thought that the main characters were dead but then they turn out to be alive
  • At first the audience thinks that they are the good guys and some other person or species are the main villain but then it turns out the person or species are good or simply a secondary villain 
I hope Disney World will beef up Norway in Epcot with this movie, because right now all Norway has is a Viking ride that makes no sense when you listen to it and a bakery. I did buy a polar bear plushie though. I would like to buy one of each of the rolling rock trolls if they sell them and put them in my garden with my gnomes.

Anyway that is my review. If you think it's short that is because my hands are getting tired from typing all this. Anyway see you later.

 - George

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