Thursday, November 7, 2013

My scrapbook from my 3 day trip to South Carolina, by George

These were the kids from the next campsite. They were cool. They stayed two nights like we did. We roasted marshmallows together both nights.

Me with a Scottish Highlander serving for the British at Cowpens National Battlefield where I earned a Junior Park Ranger badge

The truck carrying car #20 from NASCAR. I took this photo from the back seat.

Me earning my Junior Ranger badge

Canoeing was fun!

Here's the lake where we canoed at Table Rock State Park. We didn't take the phone out with us in case we tipped over which we did not but I had a life vest just in case.
The hike at Table Rock State Park was tiring but we saw about a million waterfalls and a man walking a dog with a steel cage over his muzzle.

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