Wednesday, October 30, 2013

As Promised

Hello everyone, it's George! Hows everyone doing? I will now tell you about my day before Halloween games and trick or treating (I call it Earlyween)! This happened at church.

The first thing I did was sit at a table with some friends and tell them the story of the Hotdog Slasher. Then a woman said that we would do a "Halloween Parade" towards the stage so that they could take a picture with all the children.

After that I went outside with my friend Grady and we played games (like a candy corn beanbag toss and a pin the nose on the pumpkin) and then we went outside and did trick or treating (I did a few tricks to get more candy), and then we sat down on some benches to see what loot we got.

We did a little show for our parents called "Hotdog Slasher vs Jedi" The Jedi won the first fight and the Hotdog Slasher won the second fight (so it was kind of like the Jedi kills the Hotdog Slasher and then the Hotdog Slasher comes back to life and kills the Jedi).

After that (I notice "after that" is not used a lot unlike my Dixie Classic Fair post) I said goodbye to Grady and walked back to the car slowly like I was walking from an epic explosion or an epic fight (it would be even more epic if it was raining).

I went home and saw all the candy I got and from a friend I even got a shotgun shell that she was wearing on her finger but I did not realize was a shotgun shell until I went home. The shotgun shell does not have any gunpowder in it because it's like an empty one. My mom says that friend lives way out in the country but I don't think she shot the shotgun that the shell came from but I bet she picked it up in her wanderings. And that was my Earlyween.

The End.

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