Tuesday, September 17, 2013

This week in art: Four Three apples

Our friend Mrs. Crenshaw kindly agreed to bring us apples from her apple picking trip this weekend. We asked for a variety, and she provided us with four very different specimens, but after we set out our supplies, we realized we were short one...

We slowly picked out the colors we saw in the apples from our giant supply of crayons. Some colors we thought we'd find surprisingly were not matches when we held them up to the apples. Others that we wouldn't have thought were matches were, like a peachy color and an almost purple burgundy. Then we experimented with the colors we isolated.

George used the crayons to draw on two canvases. After he finishes math, he'll mix paint colors, again to match the apple pallete, and do a thin wash of paint over the crayon.
Tomorrow we're off to the new and improved Greensboro Science Center.

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