Saturday, December 1, 2012

Nopostvember or Week 13 and the first half of 14

This is a Blackfoot design. We studied the significance of colors to Native American peoples, and George colored the design with that in mind.
We took a few days off for Thanksgiving and now are kicking it back into gear. We've done mostly a lot of busy (read: boring) work so that the first half of December we can theme around Christmas Around the World.
I've been awful about logging our adventures here, but I do have a few phonophotos.

The day after we finished our study of harvest festivals (including Thanksgiving), George saw a homeless gentleman with a dog near the Home Depot on Hanes Mall Boulevard. George worried about the man being able to feed the dog and so asked if we could buy a bag of food and come back. When we returned, however, the man and his dog had disappeared. Here George is happy, because it's a few days later, and we spotted them and so were able to give the man food for his dog. The man was very grateful.
We are working on rocks and minerals currently. George especially likes doing streak tests. He's fascinated by the idea that salt is a mineral that he EATS.
This is the pretty pink sunset we saw one evening. George took this photo and asked if we can study why some sunsets are more colorful than others. I told him when we finish this unit of earth science I will try to find a sunset curriculum.

This is one of the hedgehog cookies George and I made. This is not an original design ; we saw it in a Disney Family Fun magazine. However it fit in nicely with our current study of design within circles. He also made an Angry Bird one and something called Epic Face. I rocked a PacMan, naturally. Class of '89!


RLR said...

Hi George and Lucy!
George, I really enjoy reading about what you have been studying and the questions that you ask. My daughter has been studying rocks at school. I should tell her what you learned about salt!
I have also seen the gentleman near the Home Depot - how thoughtful of you to consider his dog, as well. My Sunday School class is gathering items and preparing bags to hand out to people who are in need of help, and this same gentleman is on my list. I hope he's there when I drive by with his bag!

Jessica said...

How thoughtful of George - I'm so glad that he helped that man and his dog. *hug*

turketwh said...

I agree with Jessica and RLR - how thoughtful and compassionate!