Saturday, November 17, 2012

By George! or Week 12

Our loose theme this week was "Written and Illustrated by...", gold starred by an outing to Barnhill's to get the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid book, the eighth in the series, on the day it came out.

In preparation for this event, George used a graphic organizer to plan an original book of his own, G Versus B. The next day he wrote it out, 2 pages to each side of 8.5 by 11 paper, and figured out the logistics of printing it so that it could be bound with a minimum of paper and with the right pages in the right order. Finally he used a needle and thread to bind it in a traditional (historical!) way.

Inspired, he authored a second tome, Robots, with illustrations in a supplemental packet, on graph paper to "maximize the pixelness".

Those keeping score at home will note that in the fine motor therapy battle, I am winning at sneakery. On a related note, at Occupational Therapy this week, George's therapist laid out what George needs to accomplish to be done with her, which is one of his stated personal goals. We like her immensely; we'd just rather run into her from time to time at Lowes or Salem Lake or some such.

(I took no phonophotos this week. I was too cold.)


Yarddawg said...

I too wouldn't mind running into George at Lowe's or Dewey's or some such.

Lucy Cash said...

Yes, I need to set up a run-in, don't I... Let's shoot for Reynolda Manor library one day next week. We have about 50 bajillion books out, and that's a happy destination.

Yarddawg said...