Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Gah! Blog already! Srsly! or Days 24, 25, 26

Before the here and now that is here and now, I was a good blogger. I won Smitty's Notes awards five years in a row! But in the process of weaning myself off writing that blog, I apparently weaned myself off writing any blog. This is sad. I am sad. I am also determined.

We've continued on in our folklore unit, discussing oral storytelling and why there might be 20 slightly different versions of the same tale. After George finished The Devil's Storybooks, he came up with his own oral tale with the naughty, impish devil as a character.  We considered the practice of tailoring tales for different audiences  (There Was an Old Cajun) and outright changing them considerably (The True Story of the Three Little Pigs), and we changed a familiar tale in both ways for ourselves. (Sorry, Cinderella, it didn't turn out well for you. In either one! Poor lass.)

Last night I let George read the first chapter of The Indian in the Cupboard and then sent him off to bed, assuming what he'd do there would best be described as "sleep". Nope. He finished it. And so today we watched the movie and discussed how each character struggled, then came up with which of George's multitude of historical figurines would he put in the cupboard, given the chance... good news for miniature Spartans all over the world!

There are many more books in that series, and so George will no doubt plow through them quickly. They provide a nice appreciation for the unknown (and seemingly magical) quality of antiques, which George will be gazing at next week during the Dixie Classic Fair.

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