Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fair to Middling or Days 27 and 28

We dabbled in fantastic realism. Just sort of stuck our toe in, via Roald Dahl's George's Marvelous Medicine. While we appreciate some aspects of the genre, at this time, George would prefer his novels to be clearly fanciful or clearly realistic. One or the other, not somewhere in between. And so he looked at the front cover, at the name Dahl, said it aloud, and allowed as to how he didn't think he cared for this author.

Hrm. I wonder what he'd think of Dahl's short story about the Mildenhall treasure. I think that could redeem Dahl. Or the story about the boy and the sea turtle. If we start short (story), I could maybe get him to try James and the Giant Peach. Right?

My clever title is a reference to the Dixie Classic Fair, which is in town. I may take George tomorrow at lunchtime. If not we'll go to the library* and the fair on Tuesday. I've been working on a fair packet we'll take with us to gather information we can reference later.

* This is probably more urgent, given how quickly he's blasting through books. I returned 16 books on Friday. One was mine, two were nonfiction, and the rest were novels he's practically devoured.

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Yarddawg said...

Get to the Fair before the fancy chickens go to market. An unfair reward for either winning or not winning a Blue Ribbon.