Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Time of Year When George Sneezes a Lot

As you can tell, George spent a lot of time outside this week. He dutifully took his Claritin every morning, or he would have been miserable. Given the option, George would always be outside rather than inside. So would I, frankly.

In math we're working on finding the area of geometric shapes.

In science we're studying form-to-function in flowers and bird beaks. 

In writing we'll be starting a poetry unit next week. (Happy happy, joy, joy!)

In reading, we just finished Treasure Island, which George adored. We will begin The Kingdom Keepers on Wednesday. He typically has shied away from any book with a fantasy element, but I am hoping his love of all things Disney will power him past any reservations. If this doesn't work, my next plan is to come at this roadblock from a science fiction angle, specifically Ray Bradbury's short stories.

In humanities we are exploring the distances foods travel to get to us. This is a thinly veiled attempt to get George to expand his diet, which, while well-rounded, is extremely, frustratingly limited. He's so much more amenable to tasting new food than he was even two years ago, but he cares for very few of them. Last summer George greatly enjoyed a Spice Road camp at the Museum of Anthropology, so he was happy as pie when I suggested we revisit that material and expand on it. No, he won't east pie.

phonophotos, top to bottom: geometry, George reading in the hammock, George and his friend Grady playing after a class at Sawtooth

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