Monday, January 6, 2014

5 Science Questions I might Like to Answer, by George

1. What happens when you mix Coca-Cola with baking soda?

2. What happens if you water a plant only using Coca-Cola?

3. Which expands more when you freeze it -- Coca-Cola or water?

4. Building a better slingshot 2.0! If you change the height of the sticks does the plushie go farther? (I did a Science Fair project on slingshots and Angry Bird plushies two years ago and I received a participation ribbon. That project measured how far Angry Birds could go by widening the slingshot band.)

5. Do different feathers look different under a microscope?

These are some science questions I will attempt to answer this winter. It's very cold so I will have to wait to do number 4 and maybe number 2. Also I need feathers which I will have to find on my nature walks for number 5. I think I can do number 1 or number 3 soon though if either mom or dad will buy me a Coca-Cola. Come on!! It's for science!!!!!!!!!

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