Saturday, October 5, 2013

My trip to the Dixie Classic Fair, by George*

I went to the fair yesterday. It was very nice. We took my brother Bug and his friend Seth (who is 1 percent evil 99 percent hot gas)** along with us to the Dixie Classic Fair! 

While Bug and Seth went on their own, me and mom went to look at some exhibits (for example the Legos). I also played a fishing game where I fished out three sharks and won a Teddy Roosevelt bear I named Dixie.

I also got a coloring book and pencils from the Milk Council where I bought chocolate milk. I also got vanilla ice cream on a cone from the second ice cream seller because the first one didn't have vanilla which was not in his favor as I took my business elsewhere.

After that we got some popcorn and saw a show. The show was about amazing animals that could do amazing things. They even had a liger (a cross between a tiger and a lion). Here is a fact, ligers only exist in captivity. 

After that we went to the demolition derby! I did not watch all of the derby. 

After that I went to what my mom calls "The German Beer House", which is basically that house obstacle course kind of thing that looks German (if you do not know what I am talking about it's the building next to the haunted house). 

After that I found a place where you could get your picture taken with a costume on (the costume choices are gangster, cowboy and civil war soldier). I did my picture dressed as a confederate as you can see above. I even got to put the picture on a wanted poster! 

After that (I notice I am doing a lot of after that's) I went on the kiddie swings again, the carousel, then the kiddie swings another time, the giant slide twice, and finally I did the carousel again. 

After that I got some maple cotton candy and mom dropped me off at our house first since I was tired. Then she dropped off Seth at his house and went home (Bug was riding with her when she dropped off Seth by the way). 

I shared my maple cotton candy with mom, Bug, and dad and went to bed. 

The end. 

* notes from mom: this was not a field trip, just a fun trip, but George enjoyed the comments on his film review so much that he wanted to write more for his fans. :)

** this is George's nickname for Seth and has been for years. I cannot explain it, but he and Seth delight in it.


William Stachour said...

I haven't been to a fair in years. I envy your experiences--sounds like a very full day. I think I'd like to be photographed as a gangster, since I'm in love with the era of Prohibition and jazz and the Beer Wars. I could never BE a gangster, but it'd be fun to PLAY one.

And I drove in a demolition derby once. But my car did not make it very far.

RLR said...

George, that sounds like a great day at the fair! We went last night and had delicious pulled pork sandwiches for dinner. I wish I had seen the maple cotton candy. I'd certainly have bought some to taste and enjoy.