Friday, October 25, 2013

My Halloween Costume, by George

My Halloween costume is going to be "The Hot dog Slasher"! I came up with the idea.

Here is the list of what I am going to wear as my Halloween costume:

  • Friday The 13th Jason Hockey Mask
  • Hot Dog Suit                                                              
  • Red Plaid Shirt
  • 2 Chains On My Arm With Ketchup And Mustard Bottle
  • Yellow And Black Gloves                                                
  • Brown Pants With 2 Grey Stripes Going Down The Side    
  • Blue Boots With Orange Bottoms                                                      

That is a list of what I am going to wear.

I am also going to carry a "Scream Ghostface Glow In the Dark Machete". I thought this idea was so good I even made a backstory and here it is...

The Hotdog Slasher used to be a ordinary hot dog. He watched his hot dog brothers get eaten and eaten! On one faithful day he was on a Happy Hotdogs Hotdog company delivery truck when suddenly it crashed into a military truck carrying nuclear waste! The waste leaked into the truck and onto him! He now was a hotdog humanoid! 

From the truck he took two chains that were holding crates full of hotdogs to defend himself. He then stole some clothes, a hockey mask, and a machete from an old man and woman. It turns out the man was a warlock and the woman was a witch and the machete he took was a magical glow in the dark machete! 

Ever since that day he vowed to avenge his hotdog brothers by killing every human he can reach. He will not stop until the entire human race is gone and hotdogs rule the world!! The End. 

Hope you liked that backstory and my Halloween costume and remember, eat a hotdog and the Hotdog Slasher will come for you!   

Pictures coming Wednesday when I wear this to church.                                                                                                                        

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