Saturday, September 21, 2013

SHARK! (And otter, fishing cat, rays and more!)

George pops up in the otter habitat

The MacTavish School field tripped to the Greensboro Science Center yesterday. We actually went for their quite good Healthquest exhibit, but we also enjoyed their new Sciquarium area immensely. (On Google+ you can see an animated photo of George petting rays.)

This week has been sort of slow and plodding, as George had a fever and sore throat and so spent some time curled up on the sofa reading and napping. I told him doing some math would perk him right back up, but he legitimately felt puny so I didn't really push it.

He has had a new tic the last few weeks -- he turns his head to each shoulder while simultaneously lifting that shoulder, right-left-right in quick succession. It happens more when he's walking, I've noticed. I hope he doesn't bump into anything.

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