Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Just Can't Wait (To Be King)

George and I jaunted down the road to Charlotte yesterday to see Disney's The Lion King at the Blumenthal Arts Center. It was... glorious...breathtaking. Words fail --- just see it if you ever have the chance.

We've put off starting full-on school until this coming Monday so that the boys' schedules will align more closely. (George's older brother is in public high school.) This was a good choice considering we were out until midnight last night, something we would not typically do on a school night.

This also gives me more time to plan out this year's trajectory. Even so I will generally spend between one and two hours every evening planning out the specifics of the next day and organizing the materials. I know it sounds goofy, but I'm excited to get going!

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William Stachour said...

We saw it in Chicago a while back (or NYC; can't remember). It really is engaging, the music (even the altered music) and the Julie Taymor stuff. Such a treat!