Monday, June 24, 2013

Enjoy this book he did

This past week we read The Strange Case of Origami Yoda.

from GoodReads:

Meet Dwight, a sixth-grade oddball. Dwight does a lot of weird things, like wearing the same T-shirt for a month or telling people to call him "Captain Dwight." This is embarrassing, particularly for Tommy, who sits with him at lunch every day.

But Dwight does one cool thing. He makes origami. One day he makes an origami finger puppet of Yoda. And that's when things get mysterious. Origami Yoda can predict the future and suggest the best way to deal with a tricky situation. His advice actually works, and soon most of the sixth grade is lining up with questions.

Tommy wants to know how Origami Yoda can be so smart when Dwight himself is so clueless. Is Yoda tapping into the Force? It's crucial that Tommy figure out the mystery before he takes Yoda's advice about something VERY IMPORTANT that has to do with a girl.

This is Tommy's case file of his investigation into "The Strange Case of Origami Yoda."
George LOVED this book and is clamoring to get books 2 and 3 in the series. 

He's also begging to take up origami, which is incredibly alarming to me, as in all sincerity I am incredibly, unbelievably bad at paper folding. Sincerely my deficit in this area is the stuff of legends over at Wake Forest's Museum of Anthropology. Still, George wants us to try our hands at it. (Perhaps I can design a unit on abject failure.)

On a happy note, George is now happily journaling daily. At length and handwritten, no less! This is HUGE from an occupational therapy standpoint, as writing has been a great source of frustration for him; daily practice can only improve his speed and legibility.

We will not be taking the summer off, though we will take a week off here and there. George does much better with continuity, I've learned. We will, however, be doing more outdoors and less indoors.

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William Stachour said...

It's a cute idea! I love that new generations find resonance in the archetypes of Star Wars.

Like you, I am hardly able to find meagre enough words to describe my skills at paper folding.