Monday, May 20, 2013


If there were any questions about why we have no cicadas when apparently they're rampant in DC, Greensboro, and even as close as Pfafftown, it's because I designed an entire cicada homeschool unit. I even went so far as to buy a cicada cage for George so we could keep one a few days and observe it.

You're all very welcome,

PS: Know why we had zero snow this past winter? Because I gave George a sled for Christmas.


RLR said...

Can you buy George a hand-held, battery-operated misting fan, a pop-up canopy for the backyard, and a freezer full of popsicles so that summer won't be too hot?
Thanks :)

Jen Nofziger said...

So, if you could get George a rain coat, umbrella and galoshes . . . ;)

William Stachour said...

Let me know when you get to the stock market lessons! ;-)

Yarddawg said...

Lucy, George, my theory for the lack of cicadas here in town is because there are so many lawn services use chemical controls for lawn grubs and these have also killed many of the ground dwelling cicadas too.