Sunday, March 10, 2013

Going Postal

International Mail Collection Boxes, National Postal Museum

Cool, cool museum-- this is the first time we've visited. We came for an exhibit about mail service on the Titanic and Hindenburg, but we also loved Mail Call, about wartime letters, and the Pony Express exhibit.

Today we also visited Union Station, which George loved, and revisited the Museum of Natural History so he could again gaze admiringly at the preserved giant squid.

Tonight we were going to see a free musical at the National Gallery of Art, but George is kind of pooped, so instead we're taking a rest break back at the hotel. Later on, though, we'll head out to do some nighttime monument touring, a favorite DC pastime.

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wunelle said...

What a fabulous trip! The very *idea* of mail service on the Hindenburg or an ocean liner is fantastic. I'd have loved to see the exhibit.