Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013! or Weeks 16 and 17

The holidays were ridiculously disruptive to our flow in numerous ways, some good, some bad.

On a happy note, after three long years, George has been (at least for now) DISCHARGED from Occupational Therapy! This is a huge accomplishment! There's still much to work on, but it's stuff we can work on at home without a specialized therapy provider.

Today we will be writing out goals for 2013, and one of George's already stated ones is to be done with Physical Therapy as well. I'm not sure when in 2013 it might happen, but I think there's a good chance it will, if George buckles down and works hard.

Someone asked me what George's Tourette looked like. He has verbal tics, of course, but his are mostly coughs and grunts. The most disruptive tics he has are gross motor -- large muscle movement. He has a gallop that happens pretty frequently. The neck tic above happens a lot, too. It comes and goes, usually when he's concentrating.

Today we will begin a new nature unit, too, using this book. It's set out in small, daily units, which is good, because after observing George for 4 months, I've realized that he does better with dailies than anything else. Accordingly we will be moving to a daily schedule for homeschooling.

Happy 2013, everyone!


wunelle said...

I don't typically have anything very topical or useful to say, but I love to read your progress reports. Congrats to George for leaving OT! Hope this is a fabulous year for both of you :-)

Lucy Cash said...

Aw, much love to you, Bil, as you jetset about in 2013!

JJB said...

Hi, Lucy. I just discovered that you were homeschooling. I hope it is going well for you guys. Judging by this blog you are seeing many rewards mixed with a few of the hiccups most see. All the best as you guys continue! It's always a blessing.

Joe Jon

RLR said...

Just checking in to see how things are going. You've been on my mind. Happy weekend!