Sunday, August 12, 2012

The MacTavish School

Our homeschool is registered, and we will have our first day this coming Wednesday, August 15th!

After speaking with various friends who teach professionally, I developed a working daily schedule that has George's least favorite subject, math, quite early in the day. It's not the very first thing, because I want him to start each day with enthusiasm rather than dread, but before the first hour is out, we're thick in the middle of those beastly numbers.

Two more days until we hit the ground running! (If not running then at least jogging.)


New River Reader said...

Lucy, you've never heard from me, but you know my son, Jon Lowder. Wanted to suggest that there is a mighty important error in the above. You write "various friends who teach professionally," indicating they are different from you. Having read these posts and having been a teacher on elementary, secondary and post-secondary levels, I want you to please understand there has probably never been a teacher more "professional" than you.

Lucy Cash said...

You are very kind. :)

Also, hey, I like your son! He's cool peeps.

My mother was a teacher, the very best. I will never live up to her ability -- truly, she had a gift -- but occasionally I feel like I'm channeling her a bit, and it makes me smile.