Thursday, August 23, 2012

Nobody Said It Was Going To Be Easy or Day 6

Goodness, we are having a hard day at the MacTavish School, due in large part to the fact that on Thursday we are at CompRehab for an hour in the morning, one week for Physical Therapy (PT) and the next for Occupational Therapy (OT).

From now on Thursdays will also be the day that George has a ukelele lesson in the early afternoon. I may shuffle the schedule tremendously to give us Project Time almost uninterrupted on Thursday, which is more or less how it played out today.

We did do a poem and a nonfiction piece, so I'll keep those in place, and we may add in yoga, because George was upset that I skipped it this morning. Apparently it's "the best thing since Michael Jackson's moonwalk". I was unaware and thought since we had PT and had moved quite a bit we could just proceed. Silly me.

Anyway, our tics were in high gear, ditto our emotions, and so I let George work on a personal project he has been developing. He was able to settle down and focus well on that, even if he was momentarily sidetracked by a photo of a "Mickey Mouse Squid" on the National Geographic website (photo 5).

nonfiction read & react: Kids celebrate leap-year birthdays
daily poem: "Don't Worry if Your Job is Small", an anonymous adage
humanities: began notetaking on index cards of descriptions of unknown sea beasts that could be krakens
arts: ukelele lesson

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