Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lookin' Mighty Fierce or Day 10

Today George tried a different yoga routine and was beyond tickled to learn there were poses named for warriors! After he finished up the routine, he showed me several original poses he thought yoga should consider utilizing. Most looked menacing. This led to a spirited discussion of the Aztec Jaguar Warrior, a perennial favorite of George's -- see his costume from two Halloweens ago.

We finally wrapped up Chapter 1 in our math book. Math emerged as George's most challenging subject last year; thus I did indeed start up the engine s-l-o-w-l-y in hopes that his confidence might build. He took the end of chapter math test today and only missed one problem and that to carelessness, not to any deficit in understanding the material. He was so pleased to have done well.

Our poem today served as an introduction to inference, and he very much enjoyed the realization that he just knows some things without being told outright.

nonfiction read & react: Look really hard at the new and improved $5 bill
daily poem: "The Secret" by Anonymous
humanities: the art of José Posada 
science unit: "Under a Log" -- introduction to bar graphing data

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