Monday, August 20, 2012

In Case of Illness or Day 4

George woke up with a pretty sore throat this morning. Last year I would have been on the fence about sending him to school, and to be frank I probably would have sent him back to bed. Today? Not at all.

Today's math lesson started with an introduction to logic problems. George has some significant fine motor concerns, so I drew the charts for him and acted as a scribe (an IEP accommodation he had as well) in labeling the charts. He happily took over filling in the data and drawing the conclusions, though! These were fun for him, and I'll probably use some logic problems as fun warmups in the future.

The next part of the math lesson was about choosing strategies to solve problems, and in the absence of manipulatives --this would be a planning FAIL-- I quickly grabbed the animal crackers from the pantry. Strategizing was harder for George, and we will continue working on it.

Because George finished his short novel with a minimum of complaint about the genre (lies), today he had a special reward in the form of a new nonfiction book to read. Isn't this a cheery, little tome!

nonfiction read & react: Young beekeeper enjoys honey, helps tend hives and isn't afraid of being stung (the opening to George's news journal entry: This kid is insane.)
math unit: math unit: Chapter 1, Lesson 3, Houghton Mifflin Math North Carolina, Grade 4
daily poem read & react: "The Folk Who Live in Backward Town" by Mary Ann Hoberman


wunelle said...

A thousand skills I do not possess. Having no kids, I'd have no idea where to start, but your plans all sound so wholesome and fun!

Lucy Cash said...

Bil, you're so sweet! Your homeschool would involve film and airplanes and so be infinitely cooler than mine shall ever be.