Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Visit From the Appliance Repairman or Day 2

(Our kindly repairman was more disappointed by his inability to revive our suddenly dead refrigerator than we were. I genuinely felt bad for him.)

George continues to be enraptured by poetry and chose to spend his journal time writing the beginning of a poem. I'm happily surprised by his enthusiasm; I frankly thought a daily poem was a good way to push his comfort boundaries (he tends toward curmudgeon), and while I suspect we will encounter individual poems he does not like, I'm extremely pleased he is open to poetry as a whole.

He also is doing very well with a 15 minute yoga routine designed to calm, which is how we begin the day. I am not someone who practices, but in researching Tourette syndrome*, yoga came up time and time again as something that could help calm disruptive tics, albeit temporarily. He still tics madly orally when concentrating (especially on a fine motor task), and his twists and gallops are rampant when he's not seated, but otherwise when working he is pretty much tic free.

nonfiction read & react: Native Americans mark birth of rare white bison
fast math: multiplication facts
math unit: Chapter 1, Lesson 1, Houghton Mifflin Math North Carolina, Grade 4
humanities: introduction to Mayan glyphs, including numbers
daily poem: "Early Bird" by Shel Silverstein

* Have a child with a diagnosis and see if you don't turn into a quasi-doctoral candidate studying for the diagnosis boards.


Kerri Walters said...

Have you considered Ogden Nash? Curmudgeonly in rhyme.

Lucy Cash said...

Ogden Nash was my father's favorite! We read them together all the time when I was little; Daddy had a four volume set I wish I had found among his things.

We will definitely be using some of his poems. I actually have a few good ones printed out for George's poetry journal, but please let me know if you have specific ones you recommend.